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Mission Statement
Kingdom Childcare and Learning Center exists to provide a safe, high quality developmentally appropriate environment for infants, toddlers, preschool and school aged children. It is our goal to offer a program that meets the intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical needs of each child.

Our childcare center seeks to contribute to the education of children by presenting age appropriate lessons, crafts, and games. We encourage the healthy development of relationships between children, helping kids to learn appropriate ways to interact and socialize with one another. Kingdom Childcare will also provide academic and recreational programs for children before and after school, along with a healthy snack.

Who we Are
KCLC provides safe, quality, affordable childcare services to the families, single parents and underprivileged youth in the Roswell community and surrounding areas.

We serve Roswell, Alpharetta, and the surrounding communities.

Everyday thousands of children arrive home from school to an empty house. Every week thousands of parents make decisions to leave children home alone while they go to work, run errands, or for social engagements. It is estimated that over 40% of children are left home at some time, though rarely overnight. In more extreme situations, some children spend so much time without their parents that these children are labeled “latch key children,” referring to the house or apartment key strung visibly around their neck. According to census data in 2011, over 4 million children were left without supervision for more than 6 hours every week on average.

Unsupervised time can make children independent and sometimes can lead to challenges and negative outcomes. School performance tends to be lower in latchkey children. Some studies show the number of latchkey students doing poorly in school is as high as 51%. 

Specifically, 41% of households in Fulton county are single parent households, which increases the need for assistance in that particular county.

Summer Program

*Succeed Over All Resistance*

Ages 6-12


*Our Focus is providing an immersive and fun learning experience that

encourages children to reach their highest potential.

Language, Arts, Technology, and Outdoors

*Each Session is two weeks and incorporates different elements of our overall program*

$125 a week (cost includes enrollment, activites, and meals)

Session 1- June 10, 2020-June 21, 2020

Session 2- June 24, 2020- July 5, 2020

Session 3- July 8, 2020- July 19, 2020


Unlike traditional summer camps, we recruit a smaller ratio of children, in order to

provide focused and personalized experiences for each child enrolled. This enables us

to refine individual interests and introduce and engage each child to new concepts and

ideas. This allows your child the freedom to explore and excel throughout the summer


What SOAR provides

SOAR focuses on a few key elements within the two weeks that your child will attend.

Each focus is designed to introduce new ideas, skills, and interests; as well as

strengthen existing areas of confidence.

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